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Erotic spirituality and the Kama Sutra

Sexuality and spirituality are inextricably linked in the mythology and sacred texts of ancient India. Erotic tales of the gods waging wars, making love, and even changing genders, demonstrate the power and purpose of human passion.

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Their excesses, vulnerabilities, and triumphs reflect the inevitability of our own. On Erotic Spirituality and the Kamasutra, Wendy Doniger-one of the world's foremost scholars of Sanskrit and Hindu mythology-guides us through their seductive tales and hidden insights into the art of living and lovemaking. A Worldly Life Is a Divinely Sanctioned Life In our culture, sexual pleasure is of ten seen as self-indulgent or even sinful, instead of as an integral part of our lives. People of ancient India prayed to be beautiful, prayed for great wealth, and prayed for suitable partners, believing that the privileges of material life were indeed the gifts of the gods.
The Kamasutra-literally, "a treatise on desire"-lays down a foundation for cultivating a life filled with sensual moments. How can this centuries-old text be relevant in today's world? Join Wendy Doniger as she delivers the Kamasutras explicit teachings through alluring stories and surprisingly practical advice, including: rituals to prepare yourself for the delights of erotic love; a variety of kisses and caresses to declare your affections; subtle signals to express your desires to a prospective partner; and other enticing approaches to the practice of giving and receiving pleasure. 6 CD

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