Magical Union Of East and West
  • Magical Union Of East and West

Magical Union Of East and West

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The Spiritual Path To New Aeon Tantra
Can Eastern and Western magickal systems be merged? The magickal order, the Ordo Sunyata Vajra, successfully did so by eliminating the cultural trappings and unnecessary mystery surrounding Hindu and Buddhist Tantric magick and filtering it through the Western Thelemic tradition.

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This book reveals their secrets, providing exercises for integrating mind and body with the universal energy of the cosmos. It culminates with instructions for their ultimate magickal ritual, the Diamond Sapphire Gem of Radiant Light.

Unlike traditional methods where years of study and practice are required before learning such advanced material, these practices are immediately accessible to students of all levels. Also used is a more universal Thelema that transcends the Crowley-centric view, resulting in a New Aeon of magickal possibility and potential for all spiritual seekers.

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