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Your mind The Owner's Manual

Linda Joy Rose
"A Healing book filled with love and wisdom" Doreen Virtue.
CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the owner of the most sophisticated computer that has ever been invented, capable of complex reasoning, deductions, analysis and with an unlimited capacity for learning and data storage.

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It was gifted to you at birth: Your mind - but it did not come with a user's manual, so you are not using more than 3-5 percent of its potential!

Aside from its ability to process and store information, your mind is also the key to the creation of your destiny. In your formative years you may have received much "programming" which does not serve your present needs and goals, and may even be sabotaging their realization. Although we desire to make changes in our lives, we usually fail because we don't have the slightest idea of how to go about it. Now you can learn to make full use of the mind's potential with a practical, easy-to-understand, and fun guide.

Learn about the operation, structure, and dynamics of your mind. Access the "Power Supply" of your mind through suggestion. Discover your "Tool Kit" to create a healthy lifestyle, overcome negative habits, addictions, fear, depression and anger. A variety of methods for releasing emotional and physical stress. Techniques for healing and pain control. Exercises for enhancing self-esteem, creativity, intuition, and personal relationships. With the skills and understanding provided in this book, you will witness miraculous changes in your life.

"A wealth of intelligent, positive, and clear information that is bound to increase anyone's self-understanding. This book deserves to become a reference manual on our shelves and in our lives." - Joya Pope, author of "Upcoming Changes"

"A healing book filled with love and wisdom". - Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Author of "Divine Guidance"

"This book contains ancient wisdom and cutting edge techniques for living life to the fullest in the 21st century. A highly practical and inspiring guide for knowing one's mind." - Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D. author of "Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams"

Written by Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D., an international expert on subconscious dynamics and the power of suggestion.

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