The Lost Chord
  • The Lost Chord

The Lost Chord

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Av Jonathan Goldman
Uppföljaren till Jonathan Goldmans storsäljare Chakra Chants, en ljudresa genom chakrasystemet och Livets träd. Lost Chord innehåller Mantras och chants från Tibet tillsammans med psykoakustiska frekvenser.

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The long awaited follow up to the award winning, best selling "Chakra Chants", this recording is both a journey through the chakras and the Kaballistic Tree of Life.  "The Lost Chord" features sacred mantras, overtones and chants from the Hind, Tibetan and Hebrew tradition, as well as psycho-acoustic frequencies and sacred ratios.  Each chakra / sefira features chants to male & female deities from the Hindu and Tibetan tradition, Hebrew chants of the Angelic and God Names, Sacred Vowel Sounds, Chanted and Spoken Bija mantras and intervals related to the Fibonacci Series.  Layers and layers of lush choral sonics interweave with each other, creating an astounding combination of sacred sounds from different traditions .

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