Remote Viewing An Audio Introduction (4 CD)
  • Remote Viewing An Audio Introduction (4 CD)

Remote Viewing An Audio Introduction (4 CD)

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Take the First Step to Unlock Your Extraordinary Powers of Perception. Have you ever had flashes of insight about events that happened miles away from you, or that were about to happen in the future?

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If so, you have tapped into a gift that we all possess, according to David Morehouse—one that you can develop with the right training. With Remote Viewing: An Introduction to Coordinate Remote Viewing, here is your chance to learn from the leading authority on this remarkable practice for unlocking your innate psychic ability.
The program includes:
An introduction to Remote Viewing: the science and history of a practice that applies focus and discipline to human extrasensory powers.

Preparing for your journey—clearing your obstacles and setting yourself up for success in the practice.

A basic, practical overview of the protocol of Remote Viewing for beginning students

Three guided “target sessions”—go step-by-step with David Morehouse to experience Remote Viewing for yourself. Includes target feedback on DVD to measure your level of mastery

What’s next? The power of Remote Viewing to revolutionize your life

David Morehouse has taught tens of thousands of Remote Viewing practitioners how to unlock their ability to look across vast distances of space and time. Now here is your chance to get your first taste of your own limitless potential with Remote Viewing.

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