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Kosmic Consciousness

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Ken Wilber
"Just who is Ken Wilber?" For more than 30 years, a rising tide of readers enthralled by this visionary philosopher's map of human porential have asked this question about the famously "low profile" author. Finally, early this year, Wilber-the author of A Brief History of Everything and Grace and Grit-agreed to create a series of in-depth dialogues on audio for the first time ever.

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The result is Kosmic Consciousness:
a landmark recording that invites us to experience a full-length audio learning course with this celebrated thinker.
Listeners will be surprised and delighted to discover the Ken Wilber behind the writer's pen-spontaneous, irreverent, and incredibly passionate about how each of us can participate in the unfolding of human consciousness. Through over 12 hours of revelatory insights, Kosmic Consciousness explores: The integral map of the Kosmos (the universe that includes the physical cosmos as weIl as the realms of con- sciousness and Spirit) .The pursuit of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful .Discovering your "multiple intelligences". Using altered states .Male and female sexuality. How meditation accelerates personal growth. Prayer, does it work?. Integral perspectives on individuals spanning Jung to Piaget, Baryshnikov to Nietzsche, Jesus to the Buddha, and much more.
For Ken Wilber's many avid readers-and those who have been waiting for a highly accessible invitation to his work- here is one of the most creative and significant thinkers of our time offering a feast of ideas and inspiration on our evolution toward Kosmic Consciousness.
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