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Lucid dreaming The Basics (CD)

Av Bill Corbett
""What if right now, at this very moment, you suddenly realized that you were dreaming?" Bill Corbett asks his listeners to ponder this thought provoking question as he guides them through a simple, step by step program for learning the ancient Tibetan art of lucid dreaming.

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By learning to recognize the fact that they are dreaming while they are dreaming, people all over the world have been ""awakening"" to an entirely new state of consciousness, one that bridges the gap between waking and dreaming.
This audio CD is divided into two parts. Part I covers the basics of lucid dreaming, what it is, examples, and benefits. Part II provides easy to implement techniques for improving dream recall, becoming lucid, and learning to work within dreams. Also included is a laminated Reality Check card containing important reminders for the lucid dreamer in training.

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