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Kundalini DVD

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All humans have a powerful resource available within them called Kundalini, which is an energy that lies dormant most of the time at the base of the spine.

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Activating and awakening this force leads to an higher consciousness and brings the true nature of a person. It thus brings peace and harmony in his/her life. However, there are many pitfalls and challenges during the process of unlocking this powerful resource as this knowledge has been kept a secret for thousands of years.
This documentary is an attempt to bring forth this ancient knowledge of resource that everyone is entitled to. Survival, joy and peace among people is not going to be merely possible by imposing societal rules and regulations, but with an evolution and understanding of higher consciousness within an individual. It is now time for us to attune with this force within us and find our true nature to live a purposeful life. This film depicts the ancient knowledge of Kundalini and stories of real people of today who have unlocked this supreme energetic force. DVD 81 minuter.

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