Chakra Journey Hemi-Sync
  • Chakra Journey Hemi-Sync

Chakra Journey Hemi-Sync DVD

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by Thunder Beat
Monroe Institutets Hemi-Sync binaural beats för meditation, med toner för alla chakras med början från baschakra till kronchakra och alla där emellan. Till tonerna levereras bilder för de olika chakrana.

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Monroe Product's binaural beat DVDs can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states. Activate, clear, and align your chakras while expanding your awareness with this visual meditation combined with the best selling Metamusic title by ThunderBeat.
Experience beautiful sunsets, waterfalls, dolphins, jungles, auroras, crop circles, and sacred sites. Each chapter focuses on the individual chakra, from the root (key of C), to the crown (key of B). The final chapter is designed to balance and ground you. Instruments featured: keyboards, chimes, wind, rattles, ceremony drums, ocean waves. Run time: DVD 33 minutes. 

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