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Increase Vitality

Öka din vitalitet med välgjord ljudterapi med maximal healing effekt och klassisk musik att lyssna till.

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Inspired composers like Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin instinctively understood the revitalizing effect that music can have on your emotions and physical body.
Now, best-selling physician and author Dr. Andrew weil has joined with producer and sound researcher Joshua Leeds to bring you Dr. Andrew weil’s Music for Self-Healing—a series of classical music recordings for promoting good health Performed by the award-winning players of The Apollo Chamber Ensemble, every arrangement is delivered with an emphasis on the underlying psychoacoustic components. The result: you experience the maximum healing potential of each timeless composition.

Increase Vitality presents 18 invigorating selections in 3 uplifting sequences that naturally stimulate body, mind, and spirit. Orchestration includes piano, flute, oboe, English horn, and cello.
Seq. #1: "Easy Does It" offers gentle auditory arousal for recuperation or those sensitive to sensory stimulation.
Seq. #2: "Get Up & Go" provides "aerobics for the ears" with enlivening pieces by Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and Eastern European Gypsy-style compositions.
Seq. #3: "Have Mercy!" is the highest octane, powered by musical surprises, propelling tempos, and the intriguing arrangements of Beethoven, Chopin, Monti, and others.

Increase Vitality is 60 minutes of fun, endorphin-boosting, harmonic-rich cerebral fuel for all ages and environments.

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