There’s No Place Like Ohm I CD
  • There’s No Place Like Ohm I CD

There’s No Place Like Ohm I CD

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Listening to "There’s No Place Like Ohm" by Sound Healing pioneer Marjorie de Muynck (pronounced ’de Monk’)is immediately relaxing because it was purposefully composed in the healing musical key of Ohm, a specific frequency of 136.1 hz. The Ohm (OM) frequency is based on the elliptical orbit of the earth as it travels around the sun through 4 seasons.

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Resonating with the Ohm tone is grounding, centering and energizing. Deeply relaxing, for bodywork therapies, spa treatments, stress reduction & pain management. 60 minutes. Recommended for use with Ohm Tuning Forks.

Featured instruments include the Armenian Duduk, Native American Flute, Didgeridoo and Banjo, along with voices from nature. Listen for relaxation, stress reduction and pain management, while meditating, and practicing Yoga.

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