Astral meditation Out Of Body Explorations CD
  • Astral meditation Out Of Body Explorations CD

Astral meditation Out Of Body Explorations CD

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av Dr. Arlene Alexander
Experience the Astral Plane - There is a more subtle body beyond the limits of the physical body, which is called the astral body. This is the part of you that continues after death.

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Though creative visualization you can safely transfer consciousness to your astral body and explore the astral realm or visit any location in the physical universe. This guided meditation has been designed to be used in two stages: Track one has a special deep relaxation, preparation and focusing process which will give you the power of mind you need for successful astral projection. On side two, Dr. Alexander guides you gently into a directed out-of-body experience, including powerful spiritual protection. Both sides are enhanced by soothing "higher mind" new age music to increase your power of the astral projections. This is one of our most popular audio programs, with many listeners reporting their success in astral travel for the first time.

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