Quiet Music The Original 3 Hour Collection (3 CD set)
  • Quiet Music The Original 3 Hour Collection (3 CD set)

Quiet Music The Original 3 Hour Collection (3 CD set)

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by Steve Roach
(The Original 3-Hour Collection) | The meditative, ambient minimalism of the Quiet Music series is available for the first time in its entirety. Originally released in the mid-80s on cassette, Projekt presents this landmark album as Roach envisioned it. Quiet Music is a collection of pieces created between 1983 and 1986 in respect for silence.

I Lager

The gentle electronics of Roachs synthesizers mix with flute, electric piano and sounds of nature flowing like breath, enveloping the listener in a sustained, delicate, translucent atmosphere.

Harold Budd, 1986: It’s not that it’s simply pretty (which it is), but there’s an odd edge lurking in the background that moves it miles away from ’New Age’ torpor. This is a lovely album from a composer working at the top of his skills"

Jim Brenholts, allmusic.com: "Quiet Music is the essence of pure, meditative ambience. Steve Roach has always been a visionary performer; his work defines ’elegant futurism.’ He released these on cassette in 1986, and it remains in the forefront of introspective minimalism. This series set the stage for all minimalists to follow. He was one of the first to demonstrate that ambient minimalism does not have to be dark, that it can be bright and hopeful without becoming maudlin or too new age. This is groundbreaking space music from an epic and legendary performer. He is peerless in his corner of the perpendicular universe.

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