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Theta Transport

Ljudhealing CD med Tommy Brunjes detta är meditationsmusik med rytm för yoga och annat coolt. På CDn Theta Transport skapar han musik för att ta dig till tillståndet för kreativitet och intuition. 

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Sound healing CD Theta Transport by Tommy Brunjes is meditation music with a beat for yoga and just groovin'.

On CD Theta Transport, Tommy Brunjes, the renowned frame drummer, layers groove-driven music on top of a theta pulse rhythm designed to carry you directly into the brain state of creativity and intuition.
Brain specialists call it the theta state, but you know it as the 'zone' - that sweet spot of inspiration when your mind comes up with its best ideas and most innovative solutions.

More than another entrainment album full of nondescript bleeps and blips, Theta Transport serves up a musical banquet of irresistible ambient sounds. Melding fresh electronica with hand drumming in the 5 to 8 beat per second pulse of the theta state, Tommy Brunjes provides a unique and inviting musical gateway into a higher state of consciousness. Whether you're looking for outside-the-box brainstorming, access to your deepest intuitive wisdom, or just a relaxing daydream vacation, Theta Transport is your rhythmic 'magic carpet' to the domain of the imagination.
1.) Initial Descent -12:42
2.) Field of Depth -12:38
3.) Dream Sequence -12:26
4.) Inspiration Wave -13:59
5.) Afterglow -8:13

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