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Kasina mind media system
  • Kasina mind media system
  • Kasina mind media system

Kasina mind media system

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En MP3 spelare med ljusglasögon med alla tänkbara färgkombinationer, välj kategori i SpectraStrobe funktion.
SpectraStrobe program innehåller musik, naturljud, psykoakustiska ljudeffekter, kalejdiskopiska ljuseffekter.

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En upplevelse du inte kan tänka dig, den måste upplevas.
Ljud och ljus system med MP3 spelare och ljusglasögon med 6 led per öga (3 med blått ljus 2 med grönt ljus och en med rött ljus) & hörsnäckor. Innehåller över 50 program med naturljud, musik eller ljudeffekter plus ett 8 GB minnes kort med 23 program från Sirius ljud och ljus system. Se längst ner. 

Dessa program inom olika kategorier med naturljud / musik och ljus finns i Kasina Mind Media System:
ACCELERATE: (inlärningsprogram) Before Learning, Create, Energize, Focus, Cheer up & Wake.
MEDITATE: (meditationsprogram) Everglade, Forest and rivers, Meditate, Relax, Relax More, Relax with Fire, Relax with Wind & Touch of Silence.
MIND ART: A Starlit Night, Astroturf, Cascade, Dreamy Sax, EcoSync, Patternity, Phobos, Sanguine, Space Trace, Spectra, Stagecraft, Trainspot, Weaver & Yonder.
NIGHT VOYAGE (sömn): Dream, Night Shift, Rest, Sleep, Solution & Submerge 1.
REJUVENATE: Biomarkers, Center, Clear your Mind, Deep Rejuvenation, Eddies, Fantasy & Overtone Uinverse.
TRANCE: Alphabet, BowlScape, Meditation with sham, Vapor-Chill & Zodiac.
Nearly three years in the making, the Kasina features a built in MP3 player, color LCD display, rechargeable lithium battery, a micro SD card slot and an 8 GB memory card. The GanzFrames are a new design, featuring three blue, two green and one red LED per eye, for a richer, more intense visual experience.
The audio files are encoded with a proprietary new technology called SpectraStrobe™, which enables independent left and right RGB control. Stylistically, the included 47 SpectraStrobe sessions range from the soothing sounds of nature to various forms of embedded modulations to evolving ambient electronic tapestries, and are grouped into similar categories of use as in the Proteus and Procyon, plus an expanded set of 'mind art' sessions crafted to take you on magical and sometimes mysterious journeys.

Kasina also includes a best-in-class AudioStrobe decoder, with 16 different color mappings to RGB, including a variety of evolving color maps. Turn your legacy AudioStrobe tracks into a colorful new experience!

You can transform any of your music with a beat into a colorful experience via the included Color Organ feature... and you have six different settings to choose from, matching the Color Organ’s response to the style of music you've selected.

The Kasina can act as a USB audio device, so you can play any audio straight from your Mac or PC if you choose to. There is an external audio input, too—connect your favorite player, smart phone etc. using the included audio patch cable. The Settings menu allows you to adjust all aspects of your experience to suit your tastes, from the external/internal audio balance to the brightness of individual colors to how long it takes when not in use for the Kasina to shut down.

Also included on the 8 GB memory card is the Kasina Bastmic Session Editor, for both Mac and Windows, which includes a wizard that allows you to quickly create a variety of sessions, and a bonus collection: all of the sessions found in our vintage Sirius light and sound system. Another bonus are the three SpectraStrobe creation plugins for the multitrack audio MuLab software. We've translated the QuickStart guide into 11 languages, and included them as well.

The main tool for professional authoring is Mind Workstation, from Transparent Corporation, and the NP3 Ultimate software will also be supported at launch.

The SpectraStrobe™ Difference

Kasina audio sessions are encoded with a new technology called SpectraStrobe™ which directly controls the lights, providing tight synchronization between the flickering red, green and blue LEDs and the audio. SpectraStrobe is the next generation of the venerable AudioStrobe® encoding technology, except this time, you don’t need a CD player or need bother ripping CDs into your player; they are built right into the flash memory card – and with millions of possible color combinations! As always, we feel that more options are better, so we’ve included an audio input jack in case you want to play music from your smartphone, etc. You can even use the Kasina as a USB audio device and play files directly from your laptop.

Systemet innehåller:
Kasina console (size: 4.5" x 2.75" x 0.75”)"=Tum
8 GB microSD card with
47 SpectraStrobe and 6 AudioStrobe sessions plus PDF’s of the Quickstart manual in 11 languages.
Bonus content: complete Sirius sessions in KBS format (KBS=Kasina Basic Session, which include binaural beats or pulsed sound with two light control channels. Color is controlled by ColorSets.)
GanzFrame eyewear with 6 LEDs per eye
Earphones, with a set of inserts for any ear size
USB cable
USB power supply, with both US and European plugs – perfect for travel 3.5 mm stereo audio patch cord, for optional external audio players
Soft carry case
Comprehensive Operator's Manual.

Sirius Program på minneskort utöver 47 SpectraStrobe sessions.
1 Power Generation
2 Performance Intensive
3 Quick Break (kort paus)
4 Kraft Paus
5 Uppvämning
6 Toppform & Relax
7 Quick Work Break Meditation
8 Mind Sauna
9 Quick Refresher
10 Regeneration
11 Deep Meditation
12 Quick Alertness
13 Learning with Tape
14 Relax innan prov
15 Concentration
16 Kreativitet
17 Visualisering
20 Deep Relax
21 Good Night
22 Release the day
23 Random sweep, till musik