The Brain Shift Collection - 8-CD Set
  • The Brain Shift Collection - 8-CD Set

The Brain Shift Collection - 8-CD Set

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Jeff Stong, REI (Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention™)
Ambient musik med rytmisk entrainment, du behöver inte lyssna I hörlurar för att få effekt, spela I rummet som Focused Attention eller Creativity and Problem Solving, när du jobbar, man får gjort så mycket.

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Detta paket ger dig en samling av CD att använda för sömn, meditation, djup meditation, stresshantering, meridian balansering genom de 5 elementen i den kinesiska traditionella medicinen, detta är nytt och mycket bra.

CD in this set has a different focus. The titles consist of: Transition to Sleep, Neuro-calm, Calm Your Mind, Focused Attention, Power Nap Rejuvenator, Creativity and Problem Solving, The Deep Meditative State, and Qi Meridian Body-Balancer.

For millennia, healers and shamans have used the power of rhythm to calm the mind, improve well-being, and open doors to heightened states of creativity and awareness. Now you are invited to experience a new

chapter in the history of sound healing with the Brain Shift Collection. Through rigorous scientific testing and successful clinical trials, musician and sound researcher Jeff Strong has assembled an audio apothecary of eight potent acoustic therapy sessions. Whether you want to experience more restful sleep, clear your head of mental clutter and stress, or enter a heightened zone of problem solving acuity, these powerful sound-based tools can help you shift your mind to the state you desire. 8 CD

Dessa program finns I paketet

Neuro-Calm—enter an alpha state of relaxed awareness

Creativity and Problem Solving—shift your brain to think “outside the box”

Power Nap Rejuvenator—the perfect midday pick-me-up

The Deep Meditative State— enter an altered state of heightened consciousness

Qi Meridian Body-Balancer

Transition to Sleep

Calm Your Mind

Focused Attention

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