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Zen Macrobiotics

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The Art Of Rejuvenation & Longevity

In 1965 the second edition of Ohsawa's Zen Macrobiotics (first published in mimeographed format in 1960) was prepared and published by Lou Oles of the Ohsawa Foundation in Los Angeles. It contained much more information about soyfoods including Ohsawa Tamari (defined as 

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"macrobiotic soy sauce produced by the traditional, biological, sugarless method," to be used both in cookery and in medicinal drinks), miso, tekka miso, miso cream, miso-ae, miso-ni, muso (miso mixed with sesame butter), tofu, and yuba. Thereafter these soyfoods appeared in virtually all Western macrobiotic cookbooks and cooking classes. The influence of this book can not be underestimated.

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