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Yoga Short Forms with David Swenson DVD

Based on the Ashtanga Yoga System
David Swenson has created the perfect way to fit yoga into a busy lifestyle.

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This DVD contains three specifically designed routines plus a full guided deep relaxation.
15 Minutes - Designed for people who enjoy yoga but have limited time to practice. A great way to start the day.

30 Minutes - Created with the beginner in mind. This session is a wonderful way to build a personal practice.
45 Minutes - The perfect stepping stone for the intermediate practitioner to prepare for the full First Series.
10 Minute Deep Relaxation - A fully guided session to soothe the body and calm the mind with Native American bamboo flute music by Jesse Kalu from his "One-In-Spirit" CD.

Ashtanga Yoga is best learned under the guidance of a qualified instructor. This program is designed as an aid to those who have already learned the sequence from a teacher. 2 timmar, engelska.

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