Qi Meditations 2 CD
  • Qi Meditations 2 CD

Qi Meditations 2 CD

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Guided Visualizations for Self-Healing
Two billion people rely on Chinese medicine and its centuries-old wellness tradition. An integral component of this system that is now gaining recognition in the West are "qi meditations," which use guided visualization, breathwork, and gentle movements to balance and cultivate our energy for a long and healthy life.

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Qi Meditations,traditional Chinese medical doctor Mao Shing Ni shares these time-tested techniques to help you achieve greater control over your own health and healing. After discussing essential tenets of Chinese medicine--including the five principles of self-healing, the nature of qi, constitutional archetypes, and more--Dr. Mao leads us through a series of guided practices, including: Inner Visioning--simple ways to assess your current health and tune in to your body's subtle changes Healing Meditations--a series of short practices that correspond to the five major organ networks of the body Balancing Qi Meditations--yin and yang visualizations to boost your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being So confident was the belief that prevention is the best medicine that in ancient China, doctors were not paid if their patients became ill. With Qi Meditations, we have a potent set of tools to maintain healthy states and treat imbalances long before they manifest as illness or disease

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