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Develop Qi for Strength & Power

"The energy we need for longevity is all around us," teaches qi gong master John P. Milton. "It is in the earth, the heavens, andall the elements of nature."

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develop Qi Strength & Power features Milton's most advanced and powerful qi gong techniques for absorbing qi from your environment, safely storing energy in the body's natural power centers, and using that energy to
propel your health and vitality to incredible heights.
The Qi Gong for Long Life series condenses the most essential lessons from qi gong and t'ai chi expert John P. Milton into three
DVDs, giving you the chance to experience an authentic qi gong retreat at your own pace. develop Qi Strength & Power includes
6 easy-to-use reference cards to let you take your qi gong practice outdoors, where you will be able to tap into the natural
healing energy from the world around you.
This is qi gong as it was meant to be practiced—transmitted from an experience master under the open sky, where you can
truly channel the qi of heaven and earth to strengthen you health, increase your vitality, and enrich the years of your life.
Ideal for experienced qi gong practitioners to deepen your ability to harness natural qi.

develop Qi Strength & Power. DVD 93 minutes, 6 reference cards

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